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Here are a few FAQ's that may assist should questions arise, we will continue to add as questions are asked:

How do you UPLOAD images?
Create an account by clicking on the link, Create an Account then Login.
Select Add media in the left have column, drag or add files and click start.
Select if you would like to keep the image in an album or not, for better image management.
Select in next tab the galleries you want the image to be in, hold down Ctrl (or Cmd) for multiple selections.
Next Tab: title, description, keywords and media type. Images wont be found unless these are filled in completely.
Next Tab: add in your pricing based on the selected image types provided and save

How do you size your images?
The size if the images are dependent on what the original image is. We have standard sizes set up but images have varying size proportions, the solution to this is the script will use the longest side of the set images sizes to be used in the final saleable image to attempt to get as close as possible to the set sized images.

What images sizes do you sell?
The images sizes are pre-set to website, image printing & ISO paper sizes, images sizes are listed below. As a contributor you can upload up to a 5mb image size.

Image preset sizes (wxh):

- 450x300 preview free
- 800x600 web small
- 1024x768 web medium
- 1795x1205 print small
- 2126x1535 print medium
- 3602x3000 print large
- 3508x2480 paper small
- 4961x3508 paper medium
- 7016x4961 paper large 

Do you allow free downloading for a demo/preview image?
Yes this facility is available, used mainly for websites.

What DPI (dots per inch) are your images?
All images are currently set to 300DPI which is required for printing, images for the web can be downscaled to 72dpi, which will give you a larger image as well. Image sizes in cm are set for 300dpi.

What payment methods do you have?
We have 2 payment categories for now. Payfast which has credit card, online EFT & UKash and normal EFT which is normal internet backing transfers and direct deposits. For the latter banking details will be on the invoice that’s emailed.

When I as a contributor upload images, it refers to albums, what is this for?
Albums allow you as a contributor to manage your images in a way that it can be organised in albums, this does not affect the way images are displayed on the site, only in your admin area.

Is there a limit on image sizes I can upload?
Maximum image size is 5mb, should this need to be exceeded an application can be made via the contact form.

What commission is taken off my purchase price?
A sum of 75% of the purchase price is paid to each contributor one month in arrears. PhotoCity thus retains 25%.

What must my account total before I receive my payout?
Sales for a contributor must total no less than R1000 before the payout of R750 is done as a EFT. Its the contributors responsibility to provide the correct banking details and notify PhotoCity of any changes.

What is the largest image size accepted?
Files of up to 5mb are accepted per image. A zipped jpg is accepted, but note a jpg thumbnail will need to be uploaded as well for the image to be viewed. This is done in your admin area per image.

Whats the maximum space I may occupy with my images?
Each contributor has 1gb allocated to their account, should more space be required, we will evaluate the account, sales, image quality and consistency.

Can images be added to Photocity in any other way other than uploading?
At this stage images must be uploaded, we will consider receiving CDs at a later stage if required.

Are all images vetted before being published and how long does this process take?
All images uploaded are vetted by our admin before publishing, this is for quality purposes as well as keeping a balance of images and not having too many of one type. The entire process should take 48hours from uploading and is conducted during office hours. 

Can the site be used for events as well as stock & creative photography?
We welcome images from events as well as stock and creative photography, prices of each images can be set individually, we recommend keeping image costs in line with the site norms to promote the sale of your images.

Can I set my own image pricing?
Yes you can, you can also choose to not sell your original image and allow the site to process your images for you. Typically we work on R10/400px for the longest side of the image. Credits are R10 each. Example: an image is 1600px wide by 1000px high, our recommended cost will be 1600/400=4, 4x10=R40 for the image, credits will be 4. Credits are purchased at R10 each, but get cheaper upon volume purchases.

Can the site be used for events as well as stock & creative photography?
We welcome images from events as well as stock and creative photography, prices of each images can be set individually, we recommend keeping image costs in line with the site norms to promote the sale of your images.

Can I upload images via FTP?
As a contributor you can upload via FTP. After you have created your contributor account, you must upload at least one image and have it approved. Contact us via support in your admin area. We will in turn respond with your own FTP access codes to use in a FTP program such as FileZilla.

What is the 'shelf life' of credits purchased?
Credits purchased and not used or credits left over not used are valid for one year only.

How many accounts can I open?
We require that only one account per contributor or purchaser be opened in your name, no pseudonym's. Its then obvious that no copying of names of others especially well known names. Read our terms of service that covers this.

What are the different types of stock images?
Stock images break down into two main types, royalty-free and rights-managed.

For royalty-free images, you get nearly unlimited use. You can use the image in virtually any application, for as long as you like, in as many different projects as you like, as long as you comply with the terms of the license agreement. The image is available to use from when you purchase a license. Following payment of the license fee, no additional royalty payments are owed.

With rights-managed images, your right to use the image is typically restricted, with limitations placed on things such as duration of use, geographic region, industry, etc., as established by your license agreement.

Can I use royalty-free images for free?
No. Royalty-free means that once a license fee is paid, the images may be used many times without paying additional fees, but the initial license is necessary to protect yourself and your clients. When you license a royalty-free image, you can use it in nearly any application, for as long as you like, according to your license agreement (although some kinds of uses do require an extended license). The cost is often based on file size, the number of permitted users as well as other factors.

What is copyright?
Copyright is a form of protection provided by the law to the authors of “original works of authorship.” By virtue of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, works are protected in all 160 countries that are party to the Convention, as well as various other laws such as the US copyright act.

What is copyright infringement?

Infringement can include a violation of the rights of the creator or rights holder. Examples of imagery infringement may include:

Use of whole or part of an image without permission
Use beyond the scope of a license or permission
Adapting an image without permission (art rendering)
Asking another photographer to identically recreate the image

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